Frequently Asked Questions

The Brilliant Camper Adventure comes in two frame sizes; the standard Adventure is 5’x10′ and the Grand Adventure is a 6’x10′ frame. The base price for the Grand Adventure is $22,500. The Adventure base price is will be available soon. Options are available that would be in addition to the base price. View the Order page to select options and determine your pricing.

You should always refer to your manual for towing capacity of your vehicle. The dry weight for the Grand Adventure is 2,300 lbs.

Air conditioning is available as an option on all Brilliant Campers.

The Adventure and the Grand Adventure are designed to be off-road campers.

Brilliant Campers is working to provide a group of financing companies who can help you make your purchase. 

As is true of most teardrop trailers Brilliant Campers do not come with a bathroom. Look at our list of accessories to see your options for your personal needs.

As part of our theme park past Brilliant Campers has always worked to make sure our product is easily maintained and all systems are accessible for service personnel or the novice camper. Water systems are accessible through the galley and electrical systems are accessible through the back of the headboard.

Brilliant Campers are only available from Brilliant Campers directly. We are located in Orlando, Florida.

The interior cabin height of the Grand Adventure is 50″.

We provide a number of competitive shipping options. Just let us know where you want it shipped and we’ll help you with the service.

Not yet. While we will have campers in our inventory, none are available for rent at this time.
Yes. You will receive an MCO from Brilliant Campers. It will be your responsibility then to register the camper.
The off-road Grand Adventure model comes with brakes standard. This means that the camper will come with a 7-pin connector. If your tow vehicle does not include a brake kit you will need to install a 7-pin connector.
Yes. Brilliant Campers accepts all major credit cards.
No. Brilliant Campers are sold directly from Brilliant Campers only.
No. Brilliant Campers may have inventory of new campers available but does not carry used models.
Yes. We offer a $500 discount to all military personnel.
A solar power connector is available on all Brilliant Campers. If this option is installed you can connect a solar power panel that you already own or purchase one from our Accessories page.
The Grand Adventure without a roof rack is 83″ and should just clear a standard garage height of 7 feet.
The sleeping area of the Grand Adventure is just slightly smaller than a queen size bed at 58″ wide by 78″ long. When the mattress is in sofa position you will comfortably be able sit with plenty of headroom.
The rear hitch below the galley door is rated for 300 lbs.
Brilliant Campers is located at 613 Triumph Ct. Unit #1, Orlando, FL 32805. Schedule a tour with us to come visit our facility!
Depending on your tongue weight capacity a bike carrier can be mounted with an extension tow hitch or bike mounts can be added to a Brilliant Camper roof rack.
Yes. The Grand Adventure comes with Travelstar EcoPath A/T all terrain radial tires – LT235/85/R16, and can be upgraded to Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 235/85R16 all terrain tires.
The Grand Adventure cabin includes recessed lighting, color changing ambient lighting and two task lights. The Galley includes a work light and a color changing LED light. Above each cabin door is a porch light.
The Brilliant Camper Grand Adventure is waterproofed with a polyurea truck bed liner-type material.
The Grand Adventure doors and galley hatch included keyed locks. To better secure your camper we also recommend a wheel lock and hitch lock if you are attaching with a standard 2″ ball.
You always need to ventilate to introduce airflow and minimize condensation. Opening the side windows along with turning on your Fan-tastic vent will move air throughout the cabin.
The GVWR of the Grand Adventure is 2,500 lbs.
The frame is made of 3/4″ Lloyds of London certified okoume marine plywood with a 1/4″ “exoframe” and then coated with a polyurea truck bed liner-type material.
This depends on your tow vehicle, the weight of your trailer and your insurance coverage. Any camper over 2,000 lbs. may need additional coverage. The Grand Adventure has a GVWR of 2,500 lbs.
The Grand Adventure is 83″ without a roof rack. The total height will depend on the type of tent you purchase.
Most service is simple and can be done in your local area. All warranty work must be done by Brilliant Campers and it is the responsibility of the owner to ship or deliver to Orlando.
No a spare tire is not included but is an option you can purchase.
The cabin roof has an R30 insulation value. The cabin sides are an R8. While there is no insulation in the floor, the Grand Adventure basement offers a 4″ pocket of air beneath the cabin.
The Grand Adventure standard wheel and upgraded wheels are both a 6-139.7 lug pattern.
Yes. Brilliant Campers offers a wide variety of color options. The Grand Adventure is coated with a Polyurea truck bed liner-type material. There are 31 standard colors available. For an additional fee Brilliant Campers can also match the color of your tow vehicle. Because the surface is different from a car finish it won’t be an exact glossy match.
We don’t recommend a heater and a heater is not built in. If you really need a heater the small overall cabin size can be warmed with a heater that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Make sure you ventilate.
The battery powers lighting and all 12v systems (like the Dometic fridge/freezer) and all 5v USB plugs.
The ground clearance of the off-road Grand Adventure is 19″.
The Grand Adventure dimensions are:
  • Width: 94″
  • Length: 14′
  • Height: 83″ to top of roof vent

The load capacity of the Grand Adventure roof is 300 lbs of dynamic weight and 1,500 lbs. of static weight. It is important that this weight is distributed evenly on the roof rack.
The Grand Adventure maximum tire size is 16″ radius.
To order a Grand Adventure go to our ordering page and fill out the price list worksheet and send it to hello@brilliantcampers.com or call Brilliant Campers at 407.605.5195.
The Grand Adventure is coated with a heavy duty Polyurea truck bed liner material.
The cooler slide out shelf on the Grand Adventure is 15″W x 22″D x 17.5″H. This will fit a Yeti 45, Norcold or Dometic fridge/freezer.
Brilliant Campers offers a limited 1 year warranty.
The standard battery for the Grand Adventure is a 100Ah deep cycle marine battery. This battery can be charged when plugged into your tow vehicle and can also be charged when plugged into shore power or through the solar panel adapter.
Brilliant Campers actually require little maintenance other than general cleaning. Windows should always be cleaned with micro-fiber towels and just water or water and vinegar.
The Journey Plus comes with a 3,500 lb. Timbren axle-less suspension.
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